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At times brash, always genuine, unapologetically blunt, but always, "Honestly" Tara!

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Over the years I have learned that there are countless choices and circumstances that collectively mold us into our present selves.  As a child lost in the middle of a family of six kids, and now as a mother of three kids, I know just how hard it is to live intentionally: becoming the best version of ourselves, building the best version of our relationships and parenting in the best way for our children.

That is part of the reason why I have spent most of my life fascinated by others' life journeys and stories.  That curiosity, combined with my own form of radical authenticity and lack of patience for "small talk", disarms those around me.  Even strangers open up to me in ways usually reserved for the closest of friends. These traits have led to enlightening conversations and unexpected friendships around the world.

My "expertise" on subjects of humanity has been gleaned from these experiences and relationships, amplified by my formal education in Human Development, and tried and tested by the last 15 years of my adult life living in new places and making new connections with those around me, all while struggling to find myself, strengthen my marriage and parent in a way I could be proud of.

I hope you will enjoy the stories, thoughts and advice that I share here. My no-nonsense approach to these topics may cut directly to the point, but is aimed at pushing you - and myself - to dig deep, be uncomfortable, and do the hard work to become intentional.  At times brash, always genuine, and unapologetically blunt, you can count on me to always be "Honestly" Tara.

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MY HEART IS FULL OF HOPE & LOVE FOR HUMANITY. If you have found your way here I assume you are looking to become better.  Better at making decisions, better at parenting, or better at knowing who you are!

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I read through countless stories of joy, friendship, and love. The immense weight of what I was embarking on began to set in. 

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There was a mother in our southern California town who changed the course of my parenting trajectory by stepping in before I “rescued” my 6-year old. marshmallow sesame snaps.

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When becoming the most genuine version of ourself there are many factors at play. Some of these factors are true obstacles, real tangible things like people, culture, or society.

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